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This week's program

  • Al-Haadi Centre Canberra is excited to announce the reopening of the centre and with the resumption of regular programs at the centre starting from the month of Ramadan. Covid-19 has had a huge impact on society. It has, however, also given the team at Al-Haadi time to reflect and implement a new strategic plan for the future, a plan dedicated for the youth. So we at Al-Haadi are pleased to announce that going forward our programs will be completely moulded to help re-engage the youth and give them opportunities to learn and execute the practical life lessons and Fiqh studies they have been learning through the Arabic Friday School and the Saturday Youth Development Program.
    In a time where our young are struggling to find a sense of belonging in a world that is bombarding them with materialistic values, we must create a space where the youth of our community have a strong connection to the teachings of Ahlulbait and the wider Muslim community. To do this we realise that we must give them the responsibility and independence to be a part of the running of programs. Therefore with all this in mind, our programs will be set up by a small team of young members of the community and also programs that will be dedicated to the youth.
    This is an extremely exciting time for Al-Haadi and our youth. We hope we have everyone’s support in our endeavour to fill a gap that has existed in our centres for too long. In-Sha-Allah with the mercy of Allah and the blessings of our Imam Al Mahdi, we will work together to give our youth the best possible chance to be successful and positive members of our community and society.


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